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16 way VGA HD optical terminal

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    The uncompressed VGA high-definition optical terminal developed and manufactured by Beijing Huachuang TV can be transmitted over a long distance through a single-core optical fiber. The standard VGA video, audio, RS232 data, PS2 keyboard and mouse, infrared and other business signals are available. The design emphasizes reliability and excellent resolution image performance. Full digital and uncompressed technology is used to transmit VGA video images with resolution up to 1920X1200 @60Hz (WUXGA) or 1080p @60Hz (HDTV) perfectly without losing frames and delay. The product is equipped with LED signal indicator to display the state of power, video and optical signals. VGA high-definition optical terminal is widely used in military command and control, public security command and control, traffic police traffic management, energy and power supply industry, government departments, medical system, commercial display, multimedia function hall, public utilities and many other fields.

    2 characteristics:

    Transmission of 1 channel VGA HD video, 1 channel bidirectional stereo audio, 1 channel RS232 data bidirectional, 1 channel bidirectional PS2 mouse keyboard transmission, 1 channel bidirectional infrared transmission;

    Digital non compression technology, no damage, no delay, no fault time greater than 100 thousand hours.

    All components are of high quality, SMT surface mounting technology, VLSI design with FPGA, industrial standard, circuit stability and reliability.

    The power supply and other parameters indicate that LED can monitor the system status.

    Supports the highest resolution up to 1920 * 1080 @60Hz, 1920 * 1200 @60Hz, plug and play, without adjusting to achieve high quality image output;

    The optical fiber interface is the standard FC, the standard transmission distance 20KM, optional 40KM, 60KM, 80KM, 100KM;

    Using CWDM technology, single fiber can transmit 16 channels of VGA video, audio, data and other functions.

    Products provide independent, 1U rack type, 4U rack type; 4U rack type with dual power supply, support hot plug, no debugging and installation;

    3 product parameters


    Physical interface: DB15 block

    Interface standard: VGA

    Video bandwidth: 350M

    Input / output level: 1Vp-p

    Video impedance: 75 Euro

    Video resolution: HDTV:1920X1080P@60Hz, 1280X720P@60Hz

    WUXGA:1920X1200P@60Hz, 1920X1080P@60Hz,

    1680X1050P@60Hz, 1280X1024P@60Hz, 1600*900P@60Hz, 1400*1050P@60Hz,

    1280X720P60Hz, 1024X768P@60Hz, 800X600P@60Hz; 640X480P@60Hz


    Quantity / signal type: 2 way bidirectional unbalanced stereo

    Physical interface: 3.5 standard audio interface

    Impedance: 600 Euro African equilibrium

    Signal to noise ratio: >80dB


    Physical interface: 3PIN Phoenix terminal

    Data format: RS-232

    Data direction: forward / bidirectional

    Transmission rate: 300~25600bps

    Working mode: RS-232 full duplex / half duplex

    Optical fiber:

    Physical interface: FC/PC

    Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm, optional CWDM wavelength.

    Fiber type: single mode 10-100KM, multimode 500M-2KM

    Product parameters

    Working temperature: -0 C ~50 C

    Working humidity: 0~90%, no condensation.

    Maximum power consumption: 10W

    External power: external power adapter, AC220V to 12V/1A

    Installation: desktop equipment

    1U rack type (each 1U rack can install 4 devices).

    4U rack type (each 4U rack can install 13 devices).

    Housing type: aluminum alloy

    Shell size: 220mm long X188mm width X28mm high

    4 order information

    VGA HD video optical terminal

    Product name product description (support 1920*1080P 60Hz)

    HC3711A-T/R 1 VGA input, 1 VGA output, 1 audio, multi-mode, single fiber, FC light port, 500 meters, desktop.

    HC3711B-T/R 1 VGA input, 1 VGA output, 1 audio, single mode, single fiber, FC light port, 2Okm, desktop.

    HC1000 1U standard 19 inch chassis, 4 VGA card slot location, 220V/AC power supply;

    HC4000 2U standard 19 inch chassis, 13 VGA card slot location, 220V/AC power supply;

    5, application occasions

    Television broadcast, live broadcast, command and control system, video conference system, large screen splicing system, recording and broadcasting system;

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