3G-SDI fiber optic transmitter-Optical Transceiver
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16CH 3G-SDI with Ethernet over Fiber

3G-SDI fiber optic transmitter

3G-SDI fiber optic transmitter

  • Product Introduction
  • 16-CH 3G-SDI fiber optic transmitter and receiver with Ethernet

    12G-SDI fiber optic transmitter and receiver,  3G-SDI fiber converter, 1-16 channels CWDM uncompressed SDI fiber optic extender,  HD-SDI to fiber extender,  SDI optical transceiver.  SDI extender over fiber .   we welcome any AV transmission OEM device

    1.  Overview

    This 16-channel 3G-SDI fiber optic transmitter and receiver extends 16 channels of 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI signals, 1-ch 1000M Ethernet over single core fiber optic cable.
    Our multiple SDI extender over fiber optic cable is all produced by TDM, DWDM, CWDM uncomressed solution so that we could do multiple SDI signal with 
    data, external audio, Ethernet and other functions over single core fiber cable.Our SDI extenders could meet all broadcast TV transmission quality level. We welcome any OEM service.

    2.  Features 

    16-channel unidirectional  3G-SDI , 1-ch 1000M Ethernet over single core fiber
    Compatible with HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, TS Stream
    Range from 19.4Mb/s to 2.97Gb/s 
    SMPTE 424/425M (2.97Gb/s) clock recovery 
    Support SMPTE 305M (SDTi), SMPTE 310M (19.4Mb/s), SMPTE 344M (540Mb/s),M2S and DVB-ASI (270Mb/s) standard 
    Output wavelength 1310nm,1550nm and 16 types of CWDM (ITU-T G.694.2 compliant) 
    100m automatic cable equalization, all the 2.97Gb / s rate below(Belden 1694A) 
    Optional network management system 
    LED status indicators monitor the critical parameters 
    Support hot swap 
    1U rack mount 
    3.  Specifications 

    a)  Serial TV, BNC input 

    Signal standard: SMPTE 424/425M, 292M, 259M, 297M, 305M, 310M, M2S, DVB-ASI, DVB-SSI and Telecom/Datacom rate(19.4Mb/s - 2.97Gb/s) 
    Input number: 16
    Reflection loss: >15DB 
    Equilibrium: 0-100m @2.97Gb/s 
    Connector: 75Ω BNC 

    b)  Optics 

    Channel: 1 
    Type: single-mode (multimode optional) 
    Wavelength: 1310nm /1550nm 
    Reflection loss: > 15dB 
    Dithering: < 0.2UI 
    Connector: FC/PC ,ST/PC

    c)  Serial TV, BNC output (EO/OE) 

    Channel: 16
    Signal level: 800mV nominal 
    Rise/fall time: 200ps indication 
    Overshoot: < 10% amplitude 
    Reflection loss: >15dB 
    Dithering: < 0.2UI 
    Connector: 75Ω BNC 

    d) Data Optional

    Channel: 1-4
    Data format: RS-485 (full/half duplex) and support NRZ, RZI and Manchester
    Data rate: DC to 100 Kb/s
    Mode: Full/half duplex
    Connector: wire connecting terminal

    e)  Power and environmental indication 

    Operating temperature: 0°C~+50°C 
    Pressure: 90VAC to 245VAC 
    Power: 12 W 
    EMI/RFI: meet FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC standard 
    Average time trouble-free: >100000 hours 

    f)  Other 
    Dimension: 1U standard rack
    Weight: 2Kg 
    4.  Applications 
    Remote OB Van/Truck Video Feeds; 
    Broadcast Studio Camera Feeds; 
    Long-haul Signal Transport; 
    TV station/video conference; 
    Lecture Hall Projector Connectivity; 
    Medical/Surgical Room Broadcast; 
    Small corporate campus video links
    5.   Ordering information 

    3G/HD-SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver 
    16-ch 3G-SDI/HD -SDI input, 1-ch 1000M Ethernet, single mode, single fiber, FC/PC fiber connector, BNC video interface, 0-120km, 1U rack mount

    16-ch 3G-SDI/HD -SDI output,1-ch 1000M Ethernet, single mode, single fiber, FC/PC fiber connector, BNC video interface, 0-120km,1U rack mount