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Talent, we are vacant.

Beijing HCSTCOM Co., Ltd. actively absorbs outstanding talents, has a group of enterprising employees, pays attention to the potential of each employee, cultivates professional, passionate and creative staff, realizes the dream of the enterprise in science and technology, and realizes the life value of each employee in work.

Employees are the most valuable resources of the enterprise: with the development and growth of the enterprise, the company constantly provides opportunities for employees to learn and further study. The development of various training, further improve the company's talent structure, for the rapid development of the company to do a good job of talent reserves.

Talents are the greatest capital of an enterprise: recruiting diligent and enterprising employees, absorbing outstanding and potential talents, and cultivating professional, passionate and creative staff are the important guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of HCSTCOM Vista.

The company provides good development space for employees, maximizes the value of employees, encourages employees to develop to a higher level, and enables employees and enterprises to develop and grow together.

Recruitment process

Resume delivery method

(1) E-mail:support@hcstcom.com

(2) mailing to room 2202, building 2, 1 international pioneer park, seven street, Haidian District, Beijing.

Zip code: 100085

Notice of application

Please indicate the position in the title of the application mail, the salary requirement, the time of arrival and so on in your resume.

Talent recruitment

1. Senior Hardware Engineer

Location: Beijing City

Professional requirements: computer, electronic or communication related professional; relevant industry experience is preferred.

Salary and salary: face to face

Number of recruits: 2 persons

Job requirements:

1) with team spirit and dedication, strong ability to study and research, and good coordination and communication skills.

2) proficiency in the use of hardware design software, such as PROTEL, PADs, OrCAD, etc., with FPGA development experience is preferred.

3) good command of English and skilled in reading English technical documents.

4) Bachelor degree or above in electronic communication or related field, more than one year experience in hardware development.

5) experience in high-speed multi laminate design, familiar with VHDL

Job description:

Responsible for product development, experience is preferred.

2. International Business Engineer
Location: Beijing City
Professional requirements: English, international trade related majors, English level 6 or above.
Salary and salary: face to face
Number of recruits: 3 persons

Job requirements:
1, age 25-35 years old, more than one year of radio and television, security industry experience.
2. Bachelor degree or above, English level six or above. Fluent oral English. Familiar with foreign trade process.
3. Initiative, execution, communication and coordination.
4. Flexible, responsible and strong team spirit.
5. Be familiar with the requirements and procedures of exhibition activities.
6. Customs declaration is a priority.

Job description:
1. Responsible for the sales and marketing work of the company's international business area.
2. Responsible for translation work of website and translation of product manuals.
3, according to the company's product solutions, translated into English.
4. Promotion of international business market.

3. Sales District Manager
Location: Beijing City
Professional requirements: computer, electronics and communication related majors.
Salary and salary: face to face
Number of recruits: 2 persons

Job requirements:
1. Passionate about marketing, with strong dedication, high sense of responsibility and good teamwork spirit.
2) master business negotiation skills, methods and arts, professional exhibition etiquette and good communication skills.
3) successful experience in major negotiations and bidding for large projects.
4) Master the knowledge of audio-visual and network communication products, and have personal connections with public security, transportation, subway, railway, school, bank, government, etc.
5) Bachelor degree, major in computer, communication engineering or marketing, 2 years or above equivalent experience
6) customer resources preferred.

Job description:
1. Responsible for the sales work of the company's products in the designated area.
2. Responsible for customer relationship management.
3, responsible for the development of industry customers, complete the company's sales tasks.

4. Business Assistant
Location: Beijing City
Professional requirements: secretarial and administrative related majors
Salary and salary: face to face
Number of recruits: 2 persons

Job requirements:
1. Chinese, secretarial, business administration and other related majors, college degree or above.
2, flexible mind, quick thinking, strong communication and understanding ability;
3. Strong language organization and rigorous work.
4. Over two years working experience in writing and meeting materials is preferred.
Job description:
1. Responsible for contract management and customer files management.
2. Responsible for assisting sales manager in customer reception.
3. Responsible for drafting relevant administrative documents.
4. Cooperate with sales manager to complete quotation, fax and fax to customers.
5, if the performance is outstanding, you can take part in the sales work of the company and get the performance commission.

5. Technical support engineer
Job description:
Responsible for on-site installation and commissioning of the company's products;
Responsible for after sales technical service;
Job requirements:
Bachelor degree, majored in computer, electronics, electromechanical.
Strong sense of responsibility, strong hands-on ability and hardworking spirit.
Able to travel frequently.
Number of recruits: 3 persons

6. Electronic product debugger.
Job description:
1, responsible for the company's electronic product debugging;
2, responsible for electronic products back to factory maintenance;
Job requirements:
1. Electronic major, college degree or above.
2. Over two years experience in debugging and maintenance of electronic products.
3. Work hard and diligently.
Number of recruits: 2 persons