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ASI to 4E1 bidirectional adapter

  • Product Introduction
  • 1. Overview

    The ASI-to-4E1 bidirectional adapter developed and manufactured by Beijing Huachuang TV is a high cost-effective signal adapter based on the basic idea of transmitting digital TV program signals in telecommunication networks. It can convert ASI and TS bitstream to E1 interface signals in SDH/PDH networks and realize signal format adaptation between heterogeneous networks. . The E1 network adapter is capable of adapting four E1 channels in two directions for transmitting a standard definition digital TV program.

    2, performance characteristics

    Interface meets G.703 E1 standard

    Two way adaptation function of E1 and MPEG-2 TS

    Support FEC, RS error correcting codes.

    ASI transport stream speed/burst format adaptation

    The network management interface is convenient for remote management.

    Full hardware implementation, high efficiency and stability;

    • super cache, mosaic against burst code.

    • anti network delay, no packet loss.

    Real-time bit stream monitoring;

    Support network management for local and remote control.

    Chinese and English LCD display is easy and flexible to operate.

    High reliability design and stable operation.

    3 technical specifications

    3.1 interface

    A, input (G.703 standard)

    Socket: BNC

    Impedance: 75 ohms

    Package format: 188 or 204 bytes

    Data rate: E1 no frame format (2Mbps)

    B, output (loop output)

    Socket: BNC

    Impedance: 75 ohms

    3.2ASI interface

    Input interface: 4 ASI and 8 E1

    Connector: BNC

    Impedance: 75

    Transport stream standard: ISO13818-1

    Input effective code rate: Max 2Mbps

    TS package format: 188/204bytes (automatic identification)

    TS input mode: uniform / packet bursts / irregularities

    3.3 network management interface

    Ethernet interface: IEEE802.3 Ethernet, RJ45 interface

    Software protocol: UDP/IP

    3.4 power down state preservation

    The last use state can be saved, so the encoder can start correctly after the power failure is resumed.

    3.5 power supply

    Voltage: 90V ~ 250VAC

    Frequency: 50Hz 2%

    Power consumption: 20W

    3.6 working environment

    Ambient temperature: + 5 C to 45 C

    Storage temperature: - 25 to C to +55 C

    Relative humidity: 10 ~ 75%

    3.7 radiation and safety requirements

    Conforms to GB13837-92 and GB8898-88 standards.

    3.8 mechanical properties

    44.5mm (high, 1U) x 483mm (wide, 19 ") * 410mm (deep)

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